R-ECO is a co-operative installer of renewable energy systems for your home,

your business and your community.  Find out more about us >

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Contact us today for a free survey, and see how you can be paid to generate your own electricity, make huge savings on your bills and make an investment for the future. We can advise you on insulating your home, and show you the latest technology to help you use energy wisely.

Why choose us?

Being a cooperative means the business is owned and run by the workers. This means that instead of outside investors benefiting from good work and profits, it is the workers who are rewarded. For you, this means it is in all of our interests that the job is done well and that the company grows!

One World Market Saturday 22 November 10 ’til 4 at Exeter Hall This Saturday!

We'll be at the 'One World Market' This Saturday!

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22 November 10 ’til 4 at Exeter Hall

The following organisations will be attending:

Co-operative Energy