R-ECO have installed renewable energy systems on commercial and agricultural buildings from offices to barns, factories to theatres. We are working with clients on projects ranging from 10KW to 1MW to produce a range of bespoke sytems from ground mounted to on roof systems and building integrated photovoltaics.


R-ECO designs and installs bespoke renewable energy systems to meet the needs of our clients including solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, air source heat pump & underfloor heating system.  Now with £600 government grant* for a solar thermal system and £1,300 for an air-to-water heat pump (*T&Cs apply).

Low Carbon Oxford

R-ECO is pleased to sign up as a Pathfinder for Low Carbon Oxford, a pioneering city-wide programme of collaboration between private, public and non-profit organisations with the aim of ensuring Oxford's future as a sustainable and low carbon city.

                                       R-ECO is a co-operative installer of renewable energy systems                                          for homes, businesses and communities. Find out more about us.