Press releases

Bristol To Capitalise on Solar Power


Ambitious plans to make Bristol the first solar capital city in the UK will be revealed by the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, on Friday 21st June at the launch of a unique three day solar city event. Bristol Solar City, the group behind the project, is aiming to install 1GW solar photovoltaic panels by 2020 making Bristol the UK capital for solar power.

R-ECO introduce Children to the power of the sun.

The Renewable Energy Cooperative (R-ECO) was involved last week in a spectacular few days of “Green Power” electric car racing at Newquay Air base. “Green Power” racing is a competition which allows children to design and build electric cars, find their own sponsors, resources and support they need to make their designs reality. The project incorporates maths, engineering, physics, design, marketing, technology, problem solving & communication, as well as learning team building and cooperation skills within each racing team.



R-ECO has recently completed a number of large scale community-based projects to be proud of.

R-ECO installed 65kW of photovoltaic panels on artists' studios, residential flats and community buildings at the new £33million world heritage site of Heartlands in Pool, substantially contributing to the off-setting of its carbon footprint.

Feed-in-Tariff,a silver lining?

Recent government announcement about the future of the Feed in Tariff has caused uncertainty in the region.


Energy Awareness Event, St. Piran's Hall

Local worker's co-operative, R-ECO, who specialise in the installation of
solar pv on domestic and commercial properties, are planning an energy
Awareness event, designed to educate the public about their energy

Co-operative growth

With the domestic renewable energy market continuing to grow the Renewable Energy Co-operative (R-ECO) welcomes its tenth employee.

R-ECO, which was started by a group of renewable energy professionals, is dedicated to driving up the standards in the renewable energy sector through old-fashioned values reflected in the co-operative principles of looking after customers and caring for the community in which we live.