If you are a school, community centre, theatre or any other community building and would like to improve your carbon footprint, plus make some all-important savings on your fuel bills, solar PV may be a viable option for you.

We are a co-operative, meaning that we put aside some of our profit to help surrounding communities.  Through our corporate responsibility programe, for every commercial system we install, we put aside a portion of our profit towards community projects in that area.  Please contact us for further information.  

“It’s great that we have the opportunity to be part of educational and fun events to introduce people of all ages to the benefits of solar energy through creative and engaging techniques without the hard selling”. 

He added, talking about R-ECO that “We are not just a company solely looking to make a profit out of selling bespoke renewable energy systems but a company concerned with our ethical values and our role in educating people about renewable technologies.” 

“It’s a growing concern, not only for community buildings but for communities as a whole, about the future of energy and where it is sourced from. We are seeing a growing interest in communities wanting to become independent producers of renewable energy from not only a financial benefit but a social and political one too.”

R-ECO Director