Case studies

Trev Williams, Oxford

The challenge for this job was fitting as many panels as we could onto a hipped roof, where the south and west sections that had been chosen were essentially triangular. The solution was to use Trienergia panels which come in triangle and rectangle shapes, which when combined allowed us to get maximum coverage - but not only that; the triangular panels look much better on  this shape of roof!

Mr and Mrs Jones, Oxford

renewable energy solar panels on a domestic roof

This was an interesting installation challenge! Due to access problems, we could only place scaffolding at the front of the buiding, whilst the sunniest part of the roof was the rear, which faced almost due west. The client asked us what results they could hope to acheive with this restriction on mind, and after calcultions were made, we were pleased to see that they would make over £500 in Feed in Tariff each year, as well as saving £350 on electricity bills! The system will have paid for itself in 7 years, and then make a profit for the following 13 years.

Installation on a Grade 2 Listed Property

Our client was concerned of the effects of increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and was keen to mitigate some of the impact from electricity generation by installing a solar electricity system to generated their own electricity locally without the emissions associated with transmission and fossil fuel based generation.  The difficulty was that they lived in a listed property.

Solar Looks Good

Our client, the contractor R.J. Leighfield & Sons Ltd of Royal Wootton Bassett, was involved in the construction of a new build domestic dwelling for a private client. Their client was keen to reduce their energy bills further and thus was interested in solar electricity but was also keen to maintain the aesthetic of the rood of their new property.

Gabled Roof, Oxfordshire

Our client was keen to have a system that would have a good asthetic and had originally looked at Solarcentury's c21e roof integrated module for which R-ECO is an approved installer.  However with so many gables and pitches a c21e system would have been small and had a poor return.

Instead R-ECO proposed a product from Trienergia that consists of triangular (nearly) and square (almost) modules that enabled much more of the roofspace to be used and also being all black still had a good appearance.

Energy Performance Upgrade, Cornwall

ground mounted solar pv system for a listed building

Our client wanted to qualify for the highest feed-in-tarriffs before the cut in August.  However as an Energy Performance Certificate was required to receive the Feed in Tariff.  Therfore an energy assessment was carried out by R-ECO in order to determine the energy efficiency of the property.

Discreet Ground Mounted System, Oxfordshire

Our client had limited and shaded roofspace thus a conventional roof mounted system would have been small and had a limited return.  The answer was a discreet  ground mounted system contained within an existing hedged area of our client's garden.

The system could therefore be positioned to optimise both the angle and orientation of the array in order to maximise the performance.