Businesses allowed to move FIT

30 March 2015

Businesses can now take their solar panels with them when they relocate, allowing them to continue to reap the benefits of lower energy bills.

From summer 2019 medium and large building-mounted solar PV systems will be allowed to be moved between buildings without the loss of Feed-in Tariff (FIT) payments.

10kWp on a Wood Store

Just completed a great installation on a newly built log shed - it's not a small log shed, and we fitted 40 all black Phono Solar modules connected to a three phase 8kW SMA inverter. It always interests us to have different roof types to deal with - and here we had trapezoidal metal sheets.

Integrated roof system

We've now finished stage 2 of an integrated roof PV system. It consists of a series of interlocking black weatherproof tile 'frames', which hold the PV modules.

Roof integrated solar PV system

New slate roof fixings

We've just finished a 2.25kWp domestic solar PV installation on a slate roof, during which we used a new system, the 'Genius Solar Flash'.

It worked great and you can see the finished job above. It provides extra durability and watertightness to the point where the hooks exit the tiles, and the team are really happy with the finish. It saves using lead and other (not so good) modern types of 'flashing'. On top went nine 250Wp Upsolar modules.

2.25kWp Solar PV installation on slate roof

REI funded 30kWp install

With the help of funding from Renewable Energy Investments, R-Eco has installed a 30kWp solar array on the warehouse of Seymac Distribution Serivices. This involved a 120 PV panels, which should provide the company with half of all its electricity requiements - thats 29,000kwh annually!

E-ON goes Renewable

Germany’s biggest utility E.ON, long a pillar of the country’s fossil fuel and nuclear industry — dropped a bombshell on Europe’s business world with the announcement that the multinational was exiting the conventional energy market in favor of a new business model based on renewables, intelligent grid systems, energy management and other services. Indeed, the company seems finally to have drawn the logical consequences from the Energiewende, Germany’s renewable energy transition, after years of resisting the ambitious transformation of the nation’s energy supply.

Community Renewables

The government has just released a report about renewable energy and communities which aims to encourage large renewable energy projects to offer shares to communities, from as little as £5.

community Renewable energy Solar PV panels

Solar benefits

A new report has found that installation of solar pv renewable energy systems on commercial rooftops can reap large financial benefits, increasing the value of the property through future reduced bills, the potential income stream from Feed-in tari

Community Energy

R-ECO will be at the Community Energy Conference (CEC14) on September 13th 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham at the start of Community Energy Fortnight.

Stithians Show 2014

Thank you to all who took the time to visit us at this year's Stithians Show. We look forward to helping you reduce your energy bills by generating your own electricity and hot water from the sun. If you have any questions please call Bart or Geoff in our Truro office on 01872 870 875.