R-eco Solar Panel, Thermal and PV Installer

About Us

When you have a solar energy system installed by us we will always go the extra mile because it’s our business.

There are two things that unite us here at R-ECO; firstly we are all passionate about looking after our environment and the planet This means we all believe in acting sustainably, and in particular we passionately believe that a move from fossil fuel based energy sources to new forms of renewable energy is imperative for the future wellbeing of the planet and our  children and ancestors who’ll inhabit it. No longer is the question of whether the planet is really warming being asked by anyone with any scientific credentials, nor is the question being asked about what is contributing to it. Fossil fuel use has to be phased out, and this is acknowledged by scientists, the markets, and even (and not insignificantly) the military. Amongst us you’ll find workers who drive vehicles which are converted to recycled vegetable oil, or electric vehicles; workers who’ll only use bicycles and trailers, activists, and artists involved with such groups as greenpeace.

Secondly, we are all driven by the idea that there is a better way to organise the workplace and businesses than the standard model. So at R-ECO everyone earns very similar wages - there is not a huge difference between salaries, and everyone has the opportunity to become a ‘member’. This gives each worker a right to own part of the company (hold share capital) and to vote on all important decisions. There are no outside investors to take the profits away, so profits go back to workers. The result is that everyone is motivated to do the best job they can, because they will get a share of the profit.

We operate a system of rolling Directorships, meaning that each year, we have the opportunity to vote a Director out and a new one in.  Any member can stand in Directorship elections, meaning that any member, from admin, to plumber, electrician or roofer, has the opportunity to become a Director.

The result - a very happy and dedicated workforce!